Thursday, June 1, 2017

one month

I didn't know so much could happen in the span of 31 days, but apparently it can.

I finished my first year of being at Southeastern University in Floridaaaaa!!!!!! It blows. my. mind.

Back in September I wrote a post called, "On my way to the next three years."
You can read it here: 

Well. It's been a year and I guess in September I can write one about the next 2 years?!A lot has changed and I'm sitting here, still in Lakeland, not in the place I thought I would be. Tbh I didn't really know what to expect or where I would be this Summer. Back during Winter break I knew in my gut that I wouldn't be staying in Virginia, but I never expected that I would be in Florida.

I am so happy that I am here! I love living in a house, cooking for myself, the job I work, the friendships I am forming, and the time I have.

All I know is that every day a new part of my story forms and it is so incredibly exciting to be experiencing all of this. It's really taxing emotionally (I feel everyyyything) and physically (sometimes I get no sleep).

The one thing I've really taken away from this month is that
everything will be fine. The Lord leads us to where He needs us (if we take the steps:)

There is so much I want to share. So much I want to do. And I know that this little post only scratches the surface of everything that happened in May. Thanks for sticking around!


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