Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I didn't want to touch
the part that was deep

the water touched my ankles
and I didn't want it to reach
my knees

because what if I start to sink
what if I can't get out

drowned in
all my cobwebs
my regrets
my mistakes.

my boat is trying to stay afloat.
there seems to be no wind
for my sails.
where should I go?

suddenly I feel a hand
and my heart feels a fire
and so I begin to inquire.
I search
and find
The way You show your love
The way You give your grace
The way You are life.

And when I don't search
I find
the devil likes to remind
me that I am weak.

In these times of my pursuit of Your greatness
I find it's easiest when I don't seek.

It’s easier to die in the desert
instead of walking for the water.

Yet You still pursue me

You show me how You are my greatest need.

And you do so humbly
and patiently.

You say, "don't be afraid"
You feel my pain.

You have a billion children
You still call my name.

You are constant
You are willing.

You never give up hope

Into the well

You drop down the rope.

- Lily Garay

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