Thursday, March 30, 2017

7 random roommates.

Imagine moving 12 1/2 hours from home to a city where you know no one. No friends. No connections. And 7. RANDOM. roommates.

Sure. You could go the new route and hop on the facebook train and try to find someone in your class of 2019 group to room with. But I figured since I was already being "adventurous" enough to move away from home, I might as well go all out and give my heart the thrill of a lifetime.

7. RANDOM. roommates. 

After announcing that I would be attending Southeastern University for school, the standard questions started to roll in. What's your major? What year are you? How far from home is it? Will you be okay? Do you know who you're rooming with?

I had all the answers except for the last question. I would always reply with, "No idea. All I know is that it's 7 of us."

Here's the set up: It's a dorm building on campus right in between classes. Perfect location. Newly constructed. It's suite style (no kitchen) with a bathroom to share, a common living room, and two bedrooms (4 girls to a room).

To say I was nervous about it is an understatement. I'm pretty sure I had everyone including my dog was praying for me.

One day in mid June I got a message on facebook from Stephanie.

A few days later I got into a group message with Paola and Genesis. The conversation seemed civil. I did my fair share of facebook stalking. And praying. a looooot of praying. I hoped with all my heart that these girls didn't expect me to be their best friends just because we were roommates. At least now I knew who 3 of my 7 new roommates were.

September 1st. Move in day. I showed up early. I for sure got the best bed. I can literally see the sunset from where my head rests. If that's not love idk what is.

September 1st also meant that I would have to sleep in a room with 3 new people.

I was lowkey also nervous about this bathroom situation. Thankfully SEU provides housekeeping for our dorms so that's not really a source of conflict for our room.

My roommates were hispanic. One is full dominican. The other is full Puerto Rican. The third is half of both. And I'm half Puerto Rican and half Colombian. I for sure thought this would mean our room would be loud, dramatic, and sooo petty.

The other room has 3 caucasians and one international student who is half Japanese and Brazilian.

Kat (not our roomie), Genesis, Mua, Paola, Giuliana, Stephanie

After I made it through the first night, I realized maybe I was being a little dramatic about the whole affair. My room has certainly not been loud, dramatic, or petty. (okay I can be a little of all three)

Since starting school we have celebrated every birthday together. Taken countless pictures. Attended fun events. Last semester all 8 of us even had lunch consistently. We haven't been able to this semester because of scheduling, but most of us still get lunch.

Paola and I have very similar personalities. She's been very kind and sarcastic. She has her fair share of struggles, but constantly perseveres.

Genesis has taught me that I just have to let some things go.

Giuliana has taught me what it means to be a patient friend. She balances my "let's get it done. now." attitude haha.
Paola, Abby, Giuliana, Genesis, Meee, Geraldine (she'll be one of my roommates next year!)

Abby, Katherine, Hannah, and Stephanie have all taught me how to be friends with the people you live with. They've been sweet, giving, caring, and thoughtful.

Are we all perfect? No. Do we get on each other's nerves sometimes? Yes.

Pictures from our birthday parties. Hanging in our living room:)

Maybe you're in the same boat that I was in a few months ago. Just go for it. Sure, it's scary! Of course there are cons to living with 7 other people, and I've heard some horror stories, but in the end I think you can learn from every experience you have whether good or bad.

I've made really great friends with my roommates. I love them dearly. Paola, Genesis, and Giu will all be living with me next year too! You never know who you'll meet. I'm glad I met them.


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