Sunday, January 15, 2017

All of it

This isn't like my one of normal blog posts. This one's about what I've been up to for the past 30 days. All of it. So that makes it 1. Pretty long  2. The edited version.  - Please don't mistake this: I love my life. It's pretty incredible. However, it's not a perfect life. I cry (a little bit a lot). I laugh ( a lot). Sometimes my poses are awkward and funny. I make a ton of dad jokes, dab way too much, and say "lit" in a serious context. There are filters on some of my photos and some of the photos are filter free.

I share my life with you for this purpose: That you would be encouraged to live a bold and soulful life. It's not easy and I'm learning daily what this looks like. But friends, we can do it.

I can't believe it's been 30 days. So much has happened. So much feels like it's changed.

On December 15th I finished my last final, met up with some friend in Orlando for lunch, and then flew to my Virginia home.

On the 16th I got to join the Farm House for their Wacky Tacky Christmas dinner! It was a really lovely time catching up with friends and getting to dress up in sparkles and faux fur ;)

It was also a chance for me to practice my vlogging! I love getting to explore this side of my creativity and expression. Here's a video I made of the dinner:

The next day we got to celebrate my sweet madre. She's a special one and it's going out with my siblings is always fun because we make each other laugh until our insides hurt.

Then. December 18th. We celebrated my 20th birthday. I don't know if I'm supposed to feel different or not, but I guess I always dreamt of being 20 and now it's here and it doesn't feel any different than 19...oops?

The following week was spent with friends and family celebrating Christmas <3 p="">

I ended the year making arepas, writing about momentum for 2017, making a vlog for Jordan's music, and finishing the last of my vlogs for 2016

The rest of my break was spent rebranding for Lily Garay Music and Be Bold Be Soulful. There are so many thoughts about how it all works and how it goes together, but it's been an incredible journey figuring it all out. Grace is the only reason I've gotten this far. I'm honestly so excited about what else I have to show you!!

I've been pursuing things that I've hidden deep in my heart. I had this thought that I couldn't do art or videos or anything because I didn't want others to be confused with my branding. But life isn't all about branding. So I've started making water color videos. Watercoloring has been a passion of mine for a long time and it's amazing that I get to share a piece of it with you:

You can see more on the @BeBoldBeSoulful instagram!

I've also, due to popular demand, restarted my @lilygaraymusic account on instagram. It's composed of videos only!

2017 is the year of a new thing I'm doing called "The __ Sessions". January is home to "The Soulful Sessions." You'll find a new one on my instagram (@lilygaraymusic) and facebook (lilygaraymusic) every Sunday at 8pm. 

The Sessions are a group of live music videos! If you want me to cover a certain song, then please feel free to email me:

In a span of my last two days home I: went to three taco places with my galpals (a blog & vlog to come haha!), got a trim, spent time with my sweet brother, got to beat my friends at scrabble (#boardgameafcionado), had cupcakes at Sweethaus's W Main location before they move:(, explored an art museum, had a really good sandwich and a mediocre latte (but good enough for the gram ya know) in RVA, and got to see the coolest houses. And somehow I managed to pack in an hour. lol. my life. 
from the plane..looking over Orlando

Over the last few days of being back I've experienced a flat tire, time at the beach, time with sweet family friends, the celebration of my grandfather's 90th birthday party, meeting cousins for the first time, exploring the Wynwood Walls of Miami, big sandwiches, gross coffee, and too many beautiful moments and details to write about. 

I've always loved sharing minimal details with people. Especially on this blog. They're silly things, but it's fun because I get to look back and remember. 

Oh and I watercolored a logo for someone and she's using it for her website header now. 

You see? there are SO many things to share. I guess what I want us to take away from this post is this: Do the things you want to do. Follow those passions. Follow those dreams. It's so worth it! Leave your bubble!! Explore!! Walk more!! Love BIG!!!!!!! and never. ever. ever. ever. forget that no matter how big or small our story is: we are worthy of this life. 


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