Friday, December 30, 2016

M O M E N T U M // My word for 2017

"...many media outlets (and tweets and Facebook posts) have crowned it the worst year ever. '2016: Worst. Year. Ever?' asks the New York Times.
 'Is this the worst year ever, or what?' decried a columnist at Slate
The Wall Street Journal even put together a guide on how to 'bid good riddance to the worst year ever.'" - Max Roser [for the Washington Post]

Look. I get it. 2016 had it's moments
It had moments filled with sweetness, butterflies-in-my-stomach, bold flares, red paint, kindness, grace, and love. 
And then there were the moments where my stomach sank, where racial divides overpowered, faith was tossed among the waves, and death won.
Everyone has their two cents and life experiences and ramblings and tweets about 2016. Here's mine.
If I learned anything this year, I learned that life is gonna toss you some bad bananas and you are gonna toss your own bad bananas to life. (yo listen. i'm a little nerdy. i know i'm a nerd. i've come to terms with it in 2016 :P)
Own up to your mistakes. Take responsibility for your life. Make decisions based on what you've prayed about, not emotions. If you want something to happen, then make it happen.

And the biggest thing I learned? 
Keep going. Don't lose momentum.
You'll get ill. You'll get bored of doing the same thing. People will say things. Your family may not agree with everything you're doing. 
Keep going. Don't lose momentum.
This life thing is between you and God. There'll be bad seasons, but there will be so so many good ones. 
Don't lose your momentum. 
Don't lose that drive. 
If you fall, get right back up. 
Love big. Work hard. Make it happen.
If you fall, get right back up. 
You may end up taking a different path than the one you originally planned. You  may realize God's purpose for your life is way different than the one you gave yourself.
You know what? 2017 is going to have its bad moments too. 
Keep going. Don't lose momentum.
Lily Garay
#BeBoldBeSoulful @beboldbesoulful

p.s. if you really need some reasons as to why 2016 was a good year for the world: 

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