Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hola October + 34 days

UM can you believe it's October?!
Because I sure can't!

Tonight concludes day 34 since I moved down to Florida.
Am I making friends?? Am I getting involved?? Am I homesick??
Yes,  yes, and yes.

I know that I'm meant to be here.
The Lord has clearly shown me that and given me peace.
But it's still hard. Every day is a  c h o i c e.
This past weekend I got to go to Chicago with Love Emme.
That was SUPER cool!! I'm one of their brand reps!
If you want you can get FREE shipping and a FREE head start on Christmas shopping
- just use discount code ' LILY ' at checkout!

So some things I've learned the last few days?

1. "Everything you feel is real, but not everything you feel is true." - Grace City

2. 3 ingredients to develop soil in your heart = 1. Patience 2. Faithfulness 3. Reminders
 - Phil Urdiales

I  don't have much else to say and I just wanted to give you guys a
 quick update on everything going on in my life! 
I hope you're growing internally and having the time of your life! <3 p="">

Be Bold & Be Soulful,
Lily Garay

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