Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stages of flowers

Flowers go through 6️⃣ stages. And when they bloom it doesn't last forever because they're getting ready 🌻 for the next stage. 

What I love about flowers is that they're always reproducing, blooming, and changing with the πŸƒ seasons.

It's very easy for me to "bloom" 🌺 and then think, "'s what??" πŸ€” I'm learning πŸ“– that preconceptions produce misconceptions! While planning for the future and looking πŸ‘€ ahead is needed for us to have hope/faithπŸ™πŸΎ, it's also SO important to be faithful in the little stages. 

Example: how could I ever start singing πŸŽ™in front of thousands of people if I can't sing in front of a group of 14 people? I had to start small - AND even CONTINUE to sing for smaller groups because those groups matter too!! - in order to get to the bigger audiences. 

I know it's spring🌺, but maybe you feel like you're still in a "winter" 🌨 season of your life. Do not worry! Glean from this season πŸƒ of your life. Take each moment πŸ‘£ step by step. 

I love this quote, "Life must be learned backwards, but lived forward." πŸ‘£πŸ’–

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