Monday, March 21, 2016

Split Ends

It's 12:14..well now 12:15am on a Monday morning..or is it evening because I am still up from Sunday? Who knows. All I know is that this is the 9th time I've paused my movie on netflix in the past 2 hours. The first time was to go downstairs and eat some chèvre with a pastelito de guava that my parents brought back from Puerto Rico. The second time was to go brush my teeth. Then I unpaused and paused a couple more times after that. Around the 7th pause I decided to trim the top half of my hair! That's when I decided I'd write this blog post, but I may or may not have gotten distracted by the flashing symbols of the internet and other reminders in my brain and one thing I needed to edit on my website. Then I went back to my movie and remembered that I meant to write this blog post. So here it is, folks.

It's 12:18am now and the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe this blog post is a little lame - and that's okay - because it means something to me. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, actually. How many times have I allowed myself to not write, to not speak, or to not even think about the thoughts I have?? Sometimes I try to push it away for fear of looking stupid or sounding dumb. But the reality is that I am who I am because God created me this way. God created me with, what I believe is, a really cool way of thinking. I take things to the next level and can create an abstract thought out of something simple and concrete. I'm almost very philosophical in a playful manner.

It's 12:23am now and I promise I'm going to get to the point of this post. As I was trimming my hair I discovered a new analogy. Thanks be to God that I have amazing hair. I mean, it's thick, grows at a nice pace, and it's got great volume. However, my hair just atrocious when it has split ends. Split ends are unhealthy to the growth of my hair and don't look good - AT ALL - yet I keep them for as long as possible in order to not have to chop any of my hair off (and risk looking like a 12 year old). So at midnight this made me many people, things, boxes, etc have I allowed myself to keep, even though they're tearing me down? Why is it so hard to say no and easy to say yes? What fears are trying to hold me back from being my "healthiest"?

It's 9:15am and I'm adding one more thing to this blog post: It's time to cut off the split ends. Who cares if your hair is a little short? It'll keep growing! And it'll be healthier! It's time to cut off the split ends. 

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