Wednesday, March 2, 2016


{balance} yesterday was amazing because I had a balanced day. I went from being in my word, to working on my stuff, having a great conversation with my friend Anna, to voting in the primaries for the first time, to babysitting O, to spending an hour in the park, going to get a cupcake, coming back to the park for an hour, visiting the boys & girls club, and ending my day with dinner (invited by a new group of friends/team I'm working with to do Bible studies for the Southwood kids). It may seem like a lot, and every now and then I had to answer an email, but it was such a beautiful day because I spent time in the word. It was a beautiful day because I was actually so focused on God's glory. And not my circumstances. 

Probably one of my favorite moments yesterday was when I was on a swing and I was looking at the sky and all of a sudden I felt the Holy Spirit warm me up and whisper, "pray". And so I prayed. I prayed for this country, I prayed for the presidential candidates, I prayed for peace & joy over His people. 

There's so much evil going on in politics, but guess what? God is still good! God is still sovereign! God STILL reigns!!! It's a truth that I never want to forget. If He needs to send us quail and manna, oh He WILL! 

Overall, yesterday was a beautiful day. The only times I didn't "enjoy" were probably the times I had to drive because I tend to overthink when I drive and create unrealistic scenarios in my mind, yet yesterday I still did not feel overwhelmed in thought by lies from the enemy. 

Final thoughts, do not compare yourself because comparing yourself is selfish. It's time you're wasting not living in your full potential. 

Be balanced. Eat and drink from the Father. Play outside on nice days. Be a good citizen. Give someone a hug. Text a friend and ask if you can pray for them. 

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