Saturday, February 27, 2016

What to do when the love of your life doesn't know he's the love ofyour life (yet)

Your tender heart swoons every time you see Mr.McDreamy at church/small group/the grocery store/wherever it is that you see him. He's the tallish handsome guy with the dark brown eyes and that adorable 5 o'clock shadow (or whatever it is you like in a guy). And the best part? Oh the best part is how much he loves Jesus and his family and his friends. The best part is that he's caring, giving, selfless, and he desperately values His relationship with Christ above all else.

And there you are. Praying every. single. day. "Lord, please let today be the day John Doe asks me to marry him." (because I mean you basically already have the name of your grandchildren picked out so why waste time dating, amiright?!?!) - You can't help it. Your girly hormones are kicking in and you're ready to stop being the mom of the group and finally be a mom to your precious little kiddos.

Oooh but here's the hard part. You feel like he doesn't even know you exist. You're starting to feel so lonely and like it's just never going to happen. You're pretty sure he likes your friend and not you (because let's be real...the "your friend is soo pretty" text is one you get all too often). So now you're thinking, "Oh my goodness maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I need to be nicer. Maybe I need to dye my hair blonde. What am I doing wrong?!?!"

Girl. Let me stop you right there. First of all, let me reassure you that it's 100% okay to desire a Godly relationship that will challenge you, exemplify the love that Christ has for His church, and give you kiddos (if that's what you want).

Secondly, you are beautiful. If you ever feel like you're comparing yourself or changing who you are because of a the guy you're interested in, that's not bueno (good)! The man that God has for you will never make you second guess how much he loves you. He will never make you second guess your beauty (regardless of whether or not you're wearing makeup). He will push you forward in a healthy way. He will encourage you to achieve greatness because that's what God has for you. He'll fully support your dreams and dream with you. He'll lend his hand with whatever project you're working on. He'll pray for you and with you. He'll pursue you and make sure you know how treasured you are. Don't believe the lies of satan saying that you'll never be good enough or pretty enough or smart enough. Comparison is a thief!

Thirdly, realize that the guy you think is so great...may not be "the one". I'm so sorry babe! But it's the truth. Don't worry though. God has him picked out for you :)

So while you're waiting for the right man to pursue you, pray. Pray pray pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what qualities you should be looking for in a man and what qualities He wants you to keep and develop. Pray that God would continue to develop the Godly man that's inside of your future husband. Keep working towards your current goals! Learn how to do your taxes and balance a budget and put air in your tires. Don't spend so much time daydreaming about the future that you forge to live in the present. Love the family you have, treasure your friends, and give out of what the Lord has poured into you.

Lily Garay

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