Saturday, May 30, 2015

The story I will tell

I don't like to talk on social media about the bad days I have, but I really wanted to share this with you. I'm that person that likes to be all happy and cheery and say, "YAY! LET'S GO CONQUER THIS DAY!!" But these past couple of weeks I've found myself a little down and wondering what I can do to make it all better. Then it hit me. I keep asking what Lily Garay can do for herself and not what Jesus can do for Lily. I don't have the strength or capability to make it through each day and today I was reminded of that when I heard a song by Morgan Harper Nichols with the following lyrics, "I can't save myself, but coming to my rescue is what you do so well. 
And when my strength has failed, the story I will tell is how Your love refused to leave
me on my own when I couldn't save myself." 

And so friends and family, tonight I hope that the story I tell encourages you to turn to the one who gives hope, love, and everlasting life - Jesus Christ. Because we can't save ourselves.

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