Friday, May 8, 2015

Afraid of the *bee

     I have a bad habit that my dad genuinely hates, but I'm pretty consistent in that bad habit. No, I don't do drugs. Because of my extreme love for the outdoors (just kidding) I leave my windows open. Now I understand the main reason why my dad hates it when I leave the window wastes the air conditioning/heating. However, I'm pretty sure that the other reason is that he has an extreme dislike for bugs.
     Growing up my science classes consisted of my going outside and writing about what I saw, heard, felt, etc. Science class was also my little herd of lady bugs that I rescued from the dangers of "Bienvenido" front door mats. I was that child that had to go to the ER because I poked my eyeball with a tiny tree branch. Yes, kids, I was that good ol' Virginia homeschooler, yet I was still afraid of bees. 
(yes, I played in the woods while dressed in skirts)

     My dad grew up in the streets of Flushing Queens, New York. He saw his first deer on his honeymoon with my mom (they got married when he was 34ish) and he still refers to them as "Bambi's". I have always envisioned him as my luchador (think Nacho Libre) and people always think he's this really tough guy, and yeah he is a pretty strong person, but I'm also pretty sure that his heart goes soft every time he sees a "Bambi" and he is always so very cautious about not hitting one when he drives, but he definitely kills bees. Traveling around the globe has been a part of my dad's job description for years now and while I really admire that he's so passionate about what he does sometimes he wasn't there to kill the bees that flew into my room because I left my window open even though he repeatedly tells me not to. 

     The funny (actually not really funny) thing about my windows is that only one of the screens has a tear in it on the bottom (from when I teared it to let my little lady bugs fly free after I nurtured their broken little wings) and so bees only fly in when I leave the wrong one open. At this point of my story you're probably wondering, "Okay, Lily, where are you headed with all of this homegirl?!" What if I told you...absolutely nothing! Just kidding. If you're a long time reader of my blog, then you know I like to use super long analogies (and that I sometimes use too many words to get to my point...kinda like right now). Here's my point: Sometimes in life we open the wrong window and we may not realize it at the time, but it lets the bees in. It's only when your eyes are about to close while scrolling through facebook on your tiny phone screen that you begin to hear a buzzing...and then all of a sudden BAM. The bee smacks itself against the light of your cell phone and you go nuts screaming because - ew, a bee is trying to attack your phone light - (not that I'm so dramatic that I scream or anything...). At that point you have a choice. You're all alone in your room and you can't call your dad because he's in Honduras and your mom is asleep and goodness you don't want to wake her up from her deep slumber on Mother's Day weekend. Your choice is to either turn off your phone and try to sleep, in fear that the bee is going to somehow nest itself inside your mouth, or get up, roll up a newspaper, attract the bee to your phone's flashlight, and smack the problem until it's gone.
     My friend, maybe you're just sleeping there, afraid or worried about whatever circumstance is happening, and you're just saying, "Lily, kudos to you for being brave enough to kill that pesky bee, but I'm just too afraid to kill my bee right now." Well friend, it's going to keep pestering you until you decide that it no longer controls you. So my suggestion to you today is to ask God to give you strength, get up, and start smacking your fears in the face until they're afraid of you. 

Lily Garay

*I do not kill bees!! Bee was easier to write out than mosquito, stink bug, or flying beetle. Thanks for understanding! 

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Anonymous said...

Bees are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. I understand why they may seem scary to you, but killing them is extremely harmful for our environment as well as our food supply. Please don't equate a harmful act with being brave.

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