Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Next Big Thing

Before I start writing my blog posts I just sit and stare at my computer and wonder what "deep" thing I should share about..if I should even share anything at all...Buuuut the truth is that I stop myself from writing blog posts a lot of the time because I fear that what I have to say isn't important. However, I have noticed that this is a place where I write about my insecurities and fears and how, through the grace of Jesus, I am overcoming those things!

There seems to be a pattern in my life. I *try* to create really big moments, occasions, countdowns to everything. Then after my big party, my fundraiser, getting my license, etc my life comes to standstill while I wait for the next big thing. Everything in my life gets put on hold because all I can focus on is that event. My entire life is overwhelmed by it.

They (who even is they???) say that the first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem. Okay so I'm not trying to say that having a countdown or big event is a problem, but taking my eyes off of Jesus IS! I get so involved with my projects that I tend to forget that my one true audience for any project I will ever do is God.

I tend to forget about the little things and the little moments. Life is about all the moments. So I'm taking a few steps back and taking this time to refocus and make sure every moment is a moment that I'll want to remember and am proud of.

Because it's not always about the next big thing. It's about enjoying the now.

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