Sunday, January 18, 2015

When am I a light?

I was sitting in my car today waiting for my sister to come out of Food Lion with our M&M's and this view caught my eye. I never really paid much attention to it even though I've seen the same spot probably 500x. Then I got to thinking.., "Man! I've seen this spot over and over again and never noticed how cool it is."

Then I looked down and saw this

That's right. The light switch. In case you aren't familiar with what this is, let me explain. The "on" button means that the inside car lights will always be on regardless of open or closed doors, parked or moving vehicle. The "door" option means the light will turn on only when the car doors are open. The "off" button? Well that means the light won't ever come on. 

This got me thinking even more...As a singer & conference speaker, people see me ALL the time, just like that spot. I take pictures, do one on one talks, and well..perform! Whether it's on the stage or off the stage, live or on TV. So when people see me, is my light on? The light I have as a Christian. You know..the love and kindness and witness that I'm supposed to exemplify. Or am I on door? Or even I off? What are people recognizing me..and you for?

Just something to think about this week. 


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