Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why I need grace

What I can't handle...

I can't handle people that preach tolerance, but can't tolerate the same thing they're preaching against.

I can't handle guys who think every girl should have long hair because they "look ugly otherwise".

I can't handle the fact that sometimes people question whether or not posting more than once a day makes them some kind of criminal.

I can't handle the use of the words "hate" & "love" to describe things.

I can't handle it when someone always talks about the same thing and can't just get over it.

I can't handle that we have these terms "skinny", "normal", & "fat" and judge people by them.

I can't handle that I'm so much like everything I just described, but I have grace through Jesus Christ.
He doesn't make these things okay. He makes it so that I cast what I can't handle, on Him.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.

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