Wednesday, December 31, 2014

bye 2014

2014, you've truly been fabulous.

January brought me to Tennessee for a worship leaders conference with my worship leader and friend. It also brought me a new friend, Debby, from Honduras and cold walks in 20 degrees through my downtown mall.

February brought me a car. There were snowball fights. I got a pair of sweatpants. I worked my butt off. It was a good time.

March oh March. I had radio & TV interviews, my LLB Concert, almost killed myself trying to do a handstand and went to Honduras for the first time!

April was AMAZING. I sang in front of 8,000 people live. WOW! And they chanted my song..oh the feeling was incredible. I went to NYC and Connecticut. I went to my second CFAW and saw Trip Lee and Tedashii in concert!! SO FUN!

May well...What can I say? I finished high school. I was voted to sing a solo for the AHS graduation. I got a senior ensemble spot and sang Oceans while my sister danced.

June took me to VA beach for my first paid gig and a vacation! I had SO much fun this month! I also graduated on the 14th and it was great. Scottie & Alaney & I hung out a lot.

July was spent in Honduras. The entire month!! HOW AWESOME?! I participated in my second medical brigade and brought me closer to the Holy Spirit. AND I GOT BAPTIZED.

August was kind of nerve wracking. I cut off so many friendships. I was kind of in tears a lot. But I started college! And that was exciting-ish. I also took my first roadtrip without my parents. Amanda came along and we went to the beach!!!! and I pierced my nose.

September kind of dragged along I guess. I don't really remember much about September. I met Nirva! I participated in Open Mic at Liberty. I saw Andy Mineo perform!!!

October brought me head lice. nasty. I had my second paid gig w/ Cynthia Murray and DWD. I got to see Andrea and Bernard get married <3 nbsp="" p="">
November. I got CPR/First aid certified and started my new job at LaHaye Student Union. So life was just really filled with that.

December....ahhhh December. I went to Florida. Found out that I get to go back to Liberty next semester. AND I TURNED 18!!!! oh and I released "My Cross" on iTunes.

so yeah. It's been a good 12 months. I'm ready for 2015. BRING IT ON.


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