Monday, November 17, 2014

Not another sappy blog post. just a poem.

do you ever feel judged and like everyone thinks you're crazy and weird.

and really what is this notion..this idea what people are weird?

when did we become judges outside of what God has called us to be for our family in Christ?

It's midnight and I have an exam at 7:40, so here's a poem:

I didn't want to touch
the part that was deep

the water was to my ankles
and I didn't want it to reach
my knees

because what if I start to sink
or if my rope breaks
and what if I can't climb out

all those cobwebs
all those regrets
all those maskes

and yet I feel a hand
and my heart feels a fire
and so I begin to inquire

I don't want to seek
but the pursuit of You is my greatest need

The way You show your love
The way You give your grace
The way You are life.

In my pursuit of You
I will strive
to be relentless

why did anyone think it was a good idea to start blogs anyways?

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