Wednesday, October 1, 2014

because if Britney Spears can make it through 2007, then I can make it through this day

My day started off with me rolling out of bed around 7:10am and being pumped by this text message.

I left for my 7:40 Biblical Worldview class at 7:37. Got there at 3:47 (it's an 8 minute walk) and the instructor, Dr.Matthews, STILL hadn't started the reading/attendance quiz! Jesus is good! Amen?

I actually made it through the class awake...shocker, I know! Afterwards I went to my English 102 class. ENG 102 is actually my #1 fave class this semester. Not gonna lie.

After ENG I went to Evangelism class. It was pretty fantastic. That's my second most favorite class!
We shared our testimonies to the people next to us and I had no idea the way my "partner" felt. So I am really glad we did that. During class it was announced that there was going to be an evan outreach event at 6pm so I blocked off that chunk of time to go out with them.

After EVAN I went to my Aural Skills class for testing. It was so so so great. That's my third favorite class. After Jon and I took our test we went to the bookstore with Jemell and bought coffees for $1 and I bought one for Profe Feldman . Which led to this lovely email about Miley Cyrus' song "Wrecking ball" that I was singing earlier in class. (HAHAHAhahahaHAH):

After that I went back to my room and brought Jemell to my common area and he watched a movie while I took a shower. Let me just say..I love mid day showers lol. I got to talk to my dad earlier too. Then Jemell and I went to choir. Choir let out early so I went back to my common area to chill for 10 minutes, went to the Tilley and got a meatbull sub, and headed for the EVAN thing!

Turns out this guy Andrew and Rob sent out the WRONG text!! But Aaron (from my EVAN class showed up) and so did I! So Andrew, Aaron, and I went to the bookstore and just talked to people and prayed for them. Then as we were on the drive to Wal-mart to go talk to more people and just ask them if they needed prayer ANDREW asked if I was the girl who sang a song at open mic night..I said yes..he said he had recorded me, and only me, because it was so amazingly awesome and that sometimes he pulls out the video and listens to it!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!! Well anyways we went to wal-mart and got to pray for some people :)

Last, but not least, I went to Bdubs and cookout with my prayer group. It was incredible. I cried and laughed and was just so so so honest. I had a great talk with Kelsey.

Afterwards I got to ride in a cop car to my dorm whoop whoop.

TBH this was really just like a journal entry and pretty crappy and possibly lame, but..

It's 2:28am and I have an 8:50 class :-)

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