Sunday, August 24, 2014


So here I am. An incredibly beautiful place with opportunities I feel I don't even deserve.

I will admit that today I was a little sad. I woke up and my roommate wasn't there. She went home with a friend for the weekend. My dad ended up calling me (all the way from Honduras) and I skyped with my best friend, Fred. Around 2pm Fred prompted me to get out of bed and get a move on with my day. I got ready and went to the dining hall and then came back to my dorm and changed shoes. I then went to the LU Blockparty and met up with some friends who came down from Charlottesville to visit me! Also to see Need To Breathe. As soon as Need To Breathe started their first song, it started to downpour. It was great. I took off my shoes and danced and sang and lost my phone, wallet, and bag, but then a nice person returned it all! The night ended with pizza & cookout & laughter & sweet "see ya later"'s to friends.

So even if your day starts out a little sad and lonely...remember, there are people out there who love you and an even greater God who cares :)


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