Friday, August 22, 2014

College 101

So I'm here. I made it. I am currently sitting in the room my hall has deemed "the family room".  There are bursts of giggles and lots of socks and slides. I have made it through my first week of college! Okay so I'm gonna admit that I went home for the afternoon on Wednesday, but then came right back and went to Spiritual Emphasis Week. I also went on Thursday. I literally bawled both nights. When I came home I was a little sad, not because I left, but because I felt like one of my friends had really just stabbed me in the back and I thought I was over that stage. I came to the realization that I probably won't ever have people not want to stab me in the back. Does that make sense? But that's okay because Jesus will never fail me! So here's a selfie to remember this great week and here's to a promising weekend full of more giggles and music and food and fun. (Actually it's already started with my dorm's scavenger hunt!:)

(awkward on purpose, I promise) 

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