Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June was awesome because...

#1 Well this one is a little sad..but I got to sing at a memorial service for the first time..It was such a great experience. While the service was a bit sad, there was definitely a lot of hope, joy, and toooons of love. Then I got to stay at a beach with family friends for a week and that was so so so fun


#3 I helped to coordinate the most amazing, SOLD OUT, event at the Paramount Theater in my town. 

and last but not least, I've really grown as a person. I've had to make some "mature" decisions. I decided that there were certain friendships/relationships I didn't need anymore. There were things I simply had to let go. It was such a healthy decision because I've been hanging out with so many of my other friends now and having adventures and fun. I can't believe that I will be starting college in one and a half months...I think I'm finally starting to become ready:)

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