Thursday, May 22, 2014

Done with High School

So I wanna give a shout out to los Padres. Thank you thank you thank you for loving me enough to homeschool me, let me attend AHS, and intern throughout these 4 years of high school. You both allowed me so much creative freedom and always pushed me to do my best, pursue excellence, clean my room, and persevere. I know that I am truly blessed to have you both as parents.

Today was my last day of high school and I am SO glad!!!! Also, to top it all off, I received a letter from Divine Women of Destiny Ministries Intl saying that I won the Freddie Murray Colligate Scholarship.

Thank you to everyone who's been keeping up with me these last few years or even months. Your support and love is always appreciated.


Le quiero dar gracias a mis padres!! Gracias por siempre me empujarme a hacer lo mejor posible, buscar la excelencia, limpiar mi habitación, y perseverar  los quiero mucho.

Hoy fue mi ultimo día del colegio! Y para terminar el día, recibe una carta en el correo que dijo que yo recibe la beca de Freddie Murray.

Gracias a todos los que han amado y me han apoyado. Los aprecio mucho

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Jojo said...


And that is awesome about your scholarship. :)

God bless you! :D

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