Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Honduras - Spring 2014 (Day 7)

Day 7

The day started off with my siblings and I going to the school and leading a class of  games and music for 4-6 grade.

Then we went to our friend Mario's class. We learned that he can not draw...😂😂

Then we found the cutest little preschoolers and asked if we could help out in that class. So we did😱☺️

Then there was a shaving cream fight😂😂 oh so I saw these 2 girls and 1 boy from the school that I know. They were supposed to be cleaning themselves off but they were playing around and splashing water and cream. Then one of the girls dropped the bucket they were using! And I was on the guys side because it was 2 against one. He told me not to give back the bucket to the 2 girls, but the 2 girls begged for the bucket. And I said, "no, lol". So then one of the girls says, "you're too nice" and inside I was like "UGHHH I'm so boring". So then I said, "look, I need to clean off. Where can I fill this bucket to wash my face?" And the water ogle was right next to the guy...and so I filled the bucket with water and brought it up to my face and then dumped it on him and everyone cheered😎 then he was cracking up and gave me his phone so it wouldn't get soaked and I turned around to dry off his phone while he gained his composure. Or so I thought...because suddenly I felt a giant pouring of water down my back. Hahahahaa best day ever. 

So then we came home, had lunch, Cynthia Murray landed here and we saw her right after lunch! It was great. Then we got ready for church. 
They're posing with something we call, "the Lily"😎

Today I feel so close to God. I just love serving Him so much and I feel as though I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right now. 

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