Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April was great because...

1. Honduras
My month started out with being in Honduras. It was great!!! Okay GREAT doesn't even begin to describe it. But you've probably seen all my blog posts on that. It was just an amazing time and I want to cry thinking about it...

I didn't really think that I would get to go to college starting in 2014. It's just really expensive to go to Liberty and I still hadn't received a music scholarship...but God is good and I received my FAFSA and it was SO good that I am definitely going to get to go to Liberty and I am NOT going to be in debt:) 

3. Connecticut
Went to visit my cousins that I hadn't really ever met before..so that was cool. And on our way there we stopped at NYC and hung out in Times Square for a little bit. 
4. College For a Weekend
Went to CFAW at Liberty for the second time and met some really fun people and got to see Christon Grey, Trip Lee, and Tedashii in concert!! 

5. Asked My Best Friend to Prom:)
And he said yes. It was really adorable and we are going tomorrow!! 

6. Got offered a ton of singing jobs, including one in Costa Rica.
-This for me has been so amazing!!! God is so so so so so so so so so so wondeful. Opening so many doors for me  that I can't even take them all. 

And I leave you with this...God Loves You

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