Monday, March 3, 2014

maybe i shouldn't be writing this

or maybe i should.

"i liked this guy. a lot.
i thought he liked me too. i really did.
he didn't. and he told me.

and so we became best friends.
and i may have done/said a couple of things that made him think i didn't like like him.

which i was fine with.
until i saw him with her.
actually before that.
it was when i realized he truly was my best friend.
then i realized i still have feelings for him.

and then i saw him with her.
and i wanted to cry.
i'm not crying.
i won't cry.
i'm probably just emotional.
you know, girl stuff.

i'm not too sure how the story ends.
i can guess though.

he falls in love with her.
she already loves him.
they get married.

and i pretend i'm okay.
because i probably will be.
i just don't know that right now."


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