Friday, March 28, 2014

Honduras - Spring 2k14 (Day 1 & 2)

Wow! I'm in Honduras. I'm actually here. This is pretty unreal. My entire family is here to support my dad for his very first crusade (leading/hosting one), but because my dad has been coming here since like 2005 he has a ministry that he is connected to. Gerezim. It's here in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of the country, and it's on a mountain. It's really beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. The church has no walls, but it has a roof and a very nice sanctuary. They also have a school! Basically while my dad is busy in meetings and getting ready for the crusade "Operacion Revolucion" my mom and siblings and I are working at the school. Except my mom is also preaching here and there at other churches that have been requesting her to speak and I'm doing event PROMO on tv since I'll be singing at the crusade with the "theme song" and a couple of other songs. So that's really cool/fun. 
There's a lot going on here and it's really exciting. 

The other thing is that my dad is kind of well known/respected here in this country and there are posters all over the place with our faces on it. Here let me show you: 

So that's a little bit awkward. I guess I just have to get used to it. 

The family we are staying with are so beautiful! They have a lovely home and are ensuring that we have the best time possible while here in Honduras.

Day 1 - Wednesday 3/26/14 
We woke up super early to go to the airport and made a stop in Atlanta. Then from Atlanta we went to Honduras. I could see the ocean at one point during the flight.
And this would be the capital city:)
Oh so on the plane I started watching frozen even though I vowed to never watch it. Literally not even 15 minutes had passed by and I started crying. The movie is so sad, but don't spoil it for me because I'm not done watching it.

Okay so we get off the plane and went through customs and then I saw my friends Mario & Debby who came to pick us up. Actually there was a huge group there. Pastor Roberto(Gerizim's founder and general overseerer of 150+ churches in Honduras), Debby, Mario, Mario's Mom, Debby's mom, Debby's dad, Ariel & Lisseth (our home hosts) and their 2 drivers Angel & Jeffrey (Angel drives me and my siblings and Jeffrey drives my parents). 
Here's a picture of me and Debby:
Then we went to go have lunch
The we stopped by lisseth's mom's store
And they gave my sister and I a pair of toms! 

after that we came home and my mom for ready to go preach at a church while my siblings and I stayed here at the home and got aquatinted with the "children". Ariel Eduardo, 19 - Christian, 16 - Laura, 15. They were all sweet enough to sacrifice their rooms for us! We actually have the whole house to ourselves along with the 2 helpers and the family is staying at their other home right across the street. We talked with Ariel Eduardo (who we have nicknamed Eddie) and his girlfriend Cinthya for a couple of hours and it was so pleasant. And then they left and we talked with Ariel(the dad) and Christian. Ps all of this was on their patio outside because in VA it was snowing the day before we left and we want to be outside as much as possible. Then we went out for pupusas with the whole family plus Cinthya and it was absolutely lovely! 

Day 2 - Thursday 3/27/14
As soon as we woke up we got ready because today was our first day to go to Gerizim school! We got their and they asked us if we could speak with the middle schoolers. So they quickly put together a general assembly and we, my mother and siblings and I (my dad was in meetings all morning) prayed and asked God to give us the right words to speak. 
I think the children loved us because they would not let go. All we have for these young people is love and Jesus. Oh and time. Time is one of the best gifts you can ever give someone. 

Even though we took a group shot, most of them wanted to take selfies so I could put it on "El Face" aka Facebook:) Annnnd now I have like 100 friends on Facebook from Honduras hehe. 

After that we had lunch came home and I had 2 hours to cool down and get ready because at 6:20 my dad and I left to go to 2 churches and one tv station. All in all I sang 3 different times yesterday and if was fabulous!! I love using the gifts God has given me. 

Well it's time I got ready for today (day 3)!
Time for new things and new adventure. 

Hasta Luego!

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