Monday, March 31, 2014

Honduras - Spring 2014 (Day 5)

Day 5 - 3/30/14 - Sunday

Wow. What an amazing day. So beautiful. 
The day started off with us going to church of course. 

On the way to church  I saw a guy, probably 21, walking his mother, who was in a wheelchair, to church. It was a long dusty road. Nothing could stop them from going. For me that was so beautiful. 

We got to church and as we were walking to the temple I saw a girl that I talk to through Facebook and that I met at the school a couple of days ago. Anyways I gave a bunch of these bracelets to the kids at the school. It was an orange string with an initial. I made about 60 of them. Let me show you: 
So we see this girl and she was like, "you gave me a bracelet so I'm giving you and your sister a bracelet." Here's a pic of mine:
(The three braids)
And three charms. This girl Definitley blessed out lives.

After many hellos we finally reached the temple and praise and worship began. It was amazing! I loved every piece of it. They had about 20 dancers and a wondeful band. Well after after about 10 minutes I saw the son who was pushing his mom and they were both praising God with ALL their hearts. My worship life is forever changed because of them. CI asked if I could take a picture with them after and this is them:

In this photo my brother and I are posing with a guy who reminded us of someone we know back home.

This precious angel stole my heart. I held her while her mom went up for prayer. 
She trusted me and fell asleep on me!! :) 
So cute.

And then after church my new friends and I hung out while my sister practiced her dance with her group. 

We so cool.

And then our families went out for pupusas. They're amazing here. 

Then we came home for a Bible study. All in all a great day. 

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