Sunday, March 30, 2014

Honduras - Spring 2014 (Day 4)

Today we visited Chochi Sosa, the stadium where the crusade is to be held! It was awesome. My family did a prayer walk around the whole thing and you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Just incredible. 

Then my dad left for a meeting and our host dad took us to see Santa Lucia. A little touristic town. 

Then we went for lunch. My MANTRA this trip has been, "New trip. New experiences. New adventure." 
I've tried everything they've given me. 
Yesterday I tried my first fried fish.
And loved it!!
But at the restaurant there was a little boy working by helping the cars pull in and guiding them and letting them know when to stop. He stole my heart. 
Afterwards we went to Gerezim!
Such a fun night of dancing, and singing, and new friends..and Burger King for dinner 😂😂🙌 

Then I went home and relaxed on the porch swing and off to bed... Xo! It's time to start day 5! :) 

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