Saturday, March 29, 2014

Honduras - Spring 2014 (Day 3)

Ahhh what a beautiful, amazing day! Today was a day of pure relaxation. Our host family wanted to ensure that we had a day of rest because this upcoming week is a week of go go go go! They took us to their home in the country and we did all sorts of fun things! Not only did we have fun though..I was moved by compassion.

So first we woke up. Since I'm still not used to the time here I went to bed at like 10:30 and woke up at around 6:11. Kind of stinks, but it's nice to be up this early. Anywho we get to wake up to the sound of parrots talking. One of the parrots keeps saying "Hola. Hola Paulette" (Paulette is her name) and is also trained to say "gordo" which means fat! Haha it's hilarious and then it laughs its head off. 

So then we had a big family breakfast. My family and our host family. Breakfast is so good! It's handmade tortillas, eggs, beans, avocado, and cheese. 

After breakfast our host family took us out to the mall with Christian & Laura (refer to first blog post about Honduras
And my siblings and I! We actually haven't been doing that much with our parents since this is more of a work trip than a vacation trip. My mom was interviewed on TV twice yesterday. One in the afternoon and one at night. She works hard! 
(My sister and I at the mall with Laura)

And they got me these REALLY CUTE WEDGES! 
After the mall we came home because we had to get changed for.......the countryside! 

The family we are staying with owns a beautiful ranch about 30 minutes from the city. They wanted to make sure we were rested and relaxed so right after my moms first interview we headed to the ranch. 
(Christian and I on the way to the mall) 

(On the back patio! )

I got to ride a horse 

And Drive a 4 wheeler around the property! (No pics I forgot!) 
Then we prepared the good for the cows.

PACO learned to trust me and eventually stopped chirping and went to sleep. 

They also have these beautiful red parrots on their ranch! 

While all of that was really fun...on the way to the ranch the mom was telling us how the reason we see so many homes on the mountains is because that's where all the poor people live. When I say poor I mean they make $1 a day - of that much. Usually with a family of 5. They call these homes "invasions" on the mountain. and while the ranch was huge and beautiful and nice and spectacular..their neighbors were some of the poorest people I'd ever met. There were 4 children...they live in a one room home with one mattress. The father is a alcoholic and he mistreats the children. The host family makes sure they give he kids crackers and juice and food when they go their, which is pretty much every Saturday. The parents stayed in the home, but the host mom told the children to come over to their home for some food and the kids hung out with us the whole day. What moved me to tears was the fact that my brother and sister were riding the four wheelers and they would take a kid at a time and go race. The kids seemed like they were having so much fun! And then I saw that my mom took all the kids, plus the kids of the "farm hands" and sat them down and told them the story of David and Goliath. She told them about Jesus and His love. This made me very pensive and I just felt love like never before. It's really life changing. 
Here's some pictures of us with these adorable children.

Another thing I want to mention is how I have a mini sense of adventure. I love trying new things (Eddie shoved a bite of liver into my mouth and while the taste wasn't all that bad at least I can say I've tried it and do not like it)! The problem is that sometimes I overthink things and I get a little uptight and don't really know how to relax. I always think about not being uptight, but the best way to not be uptight is to just got our and have fun! So I did all that stuff and I really just had an amazing time.

(Eddie telling the cow that he's going to eat him for dinner)

(Watching the cows eat the food we prepared them)

Then it was time to watch the sunset

Right after I took this picture one of the farm hands, Jimmy (he walked with me and the horse because I was too scared the horse would run while I was on it), asked me if I wanted to meet his son. So I said sure! He lives like 10 seconds behind the main house so my sister and I went and oh my goodness. Cuteness central! The baby is named Jimmy Esau, but they call him Jimito. 
(Jimmy, Bessy, Jimito) this family is so precious. 

After I took baby Jimito to meet my mom we had to leave so my mom could be back in time for her next interview. On the way back we got to stop to take pictures with the city in our background.

(Ana and Papa Ariel<host dad>) 
(Me and Christian) 
(With Laura) 

We ended the night watching my mom on TV, taking ratchet candid pictures of each other, and talking through the window. I feel like this is how every day should end. 
(Painting my nails for the 3rd time since I've gotten here)
(Eddie. Loves to tease me......)

And now I'm writing this post. I've never felt more me. Never felt more alive. I don't know if anything I'm saying or doing is impacting lives, but my biggest prayer is that my heart and life will be impacted the most so that I can better serve others. Keep me in your prayers and if you have a prayer request, then please leave it in the comments and rest assured that I WILL pray for you! 

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