Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February was awesome because...

It's Winter. I don't like Winter. It's cold and muggy and dry. All the leaves are brown and everything looks dead. Safe to say I don't like Winter because it's a little depressing and well...last Winter I got really depressed. So I've been holding on to my faith, to happiness, and to love. Growing a relationship with Jesus is the best thing ever. So what are some of the things that made enduring February possible and awesome?


A wonderful family decided to give me a car!!!!!! A CAR!!!!!! But you can read more about that here

The oh-so-dreaded Valentine's Day.
Let's see....snowball fight, big bruise, hanging out with my
family friends. It was a really great day. 

I decided to change my goal. I don't want to just sell out MSG (Madison Square Garden) anymore! 
When I saw Justin Bieber's 1st documentary, that's what he wanted.
I feel like I was saying that I wanted to sell out MSG
 while I was trying to figure out what my own dream was. 
I figured, "Hey he's successful. Let me try what he's doing." 
It was kind of a placeholder while I figured out what I wanted my dream to be.

And then I realized..I don't want to just sell out MSG.

My business marketing coach/mentor, Alex Beadon,
posted something on instagram saying, "Is it weird that I carry this list of the top ten long-term reasons to work hard today? It keeps me so motivated and on track! Try making one for yourself, you'll see! :)#inspiredwithalex" 

So I made a list. And it got me thinking. Really thinking. 
What does Lily Garay want. 
Then I said, "Scratch that."
What are the dreams God has placed inside of me?
So I made a list. 
Here are a couple of the things on that list that motivate me
to work hard every day.

-I want to sell out a headlining world tour. 
-Open Vocational schools in South & Central America
-I want to be a successful millionaire

and it is set in stone that I am going there!
Can I be honest?
I'm really excited about going! I know it'll be amazing.
I know it'll be one of the best experiences of my life.
I guess I'm just a little nervous about changing. 
I mean I'm all for change and I think it's great and super necessary, but
I feel like it's a big goodbye to a lot of things.
To familiarity. 
To finally finding my comfort zone.
And I guess that's why going to Liberty is necessary for me.
because i'll be leaving the comfort zone.
and leaving the comfort zone is what's going to make me grow even more.

And so that was February. 
I'm so ready for March. 



Jojo said...

It's funny that you mentioned changing your goal, because I've done that this past month as well! I had a dream, but I realized that my goal was to use my talent for myself, not for God. So I totally rethought why I was working towards what I'm working towards. It was definitely hard to change goals, but knowing that now my goal is to use my talents for God, not for myself, is already making my life much more meaningful and satisfying. :)

Anonymous said...

I made a pact with God to start living my life for Him. I also decided to start doing things even if I was afraid of doing them, like auditioning for plays, singing in front of people, and wearing clothes that I feel good in but aren't necessarily what other people might find cute.

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