Monday, February 24, 2014

School of Music

So on Saturday my parents let me make a trip to Liberty with my brother all by ourselves!! That was SO exciting for me because I'd never driven so long by myself.

(drive back home)

I went to audition for what I thought was level placement, but it turns out
that it was to see whether or not I'd be accepted to their school of music.
So I was pretty confident when I auditioned. And then they shook my hand and said,
"You're officially accepted into the School of Music. Congratulations!"
Woohoo! I have never been more excited.
I'm the last person I would've imagined studying music in college!! haha.
But here I am..
and I'm excited.
God is doing something
something big
I don't know what
but get ready.

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Jojo said...


And the second to last picture is really nice. :)

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