Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{God is good}

I don't like to brag, but how could I not brag on my amazing God?

We all go through this life in different ways. It's an amazing life. We find joys and sorrows, plans and uncertainty..we find struggle and troubles...but when we find God..truly seek Him and the beautiful plans He has for our lives, good things sure do start to happen.

Before I say anything else I would just like to say that I am a Christian (in case you can't tell yet;). I believe that God does miracles. Big miracles. Small Miracles. I believe He listens to the inside of our heart and that I don't even have to say what I need/want, He already knows. All I have to do is seek Him and He'll reveal it to me or give it to me! He truly blesses me each and every day and I can never repay that kind of mercy or forgiveness. I also want you to know that even though I'm not perfect by any means, I do try to live my life devoted to Him. I believe my purpose is to spread His gospel and my identity is found in being His child. That's my life message.

First of all, I have an amazing family! Two great parents. Yes, we have our little disagreements, but honestly who doesn't? And my siblings..well they're some of the greatest people (even though I complain about them). I recently discovered that I might go a little crazy when I don't have them with me all the time at college later this year! Also, I never really realized what a privilege it is to be a Pastor's Kid. I'm not trying to make myself sound "high and mighty", but it really is a privilege and I thank God for it.

Second of all, I have amazing friends and a fantastic church family. These past few months I've really grown close to God because I believe I've started placing myself around the right people. I've been confronted and had to take on more responsibility. I've learned to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things. Yes, I still make mistakes, but that's all part of the learning process.

Third, I have an iPhone. I think that's pretty cool. I mean God knows I needed a phone to do work off of. I can definitely say that phone has helped me earn money.

Fourth, I am part of an AWESOME church! I get to be on the worship team and I didn't even realize what big of a responsibility it is!! But I truly love it.

Fifth, (5 = favorite number just fyi) So then November came..and I got accepted to college! Pretty cool..! I'm going to Liberty University :)

Sixth, I got a mac. Like what? I wasn't expecting that. Totally Debt-Free. My family doesn't believe in any kind of debt. Debt = no bueno. Yes, it's important to build good credit and stuff like that, but if you can pay it in full at that instant, do it! Debt = no bueno.

Seventh, I got a car!!!!!!!! I said my family believes in not having debt..right? Well part of not having any debt meant not getting into debt for a car. So when I got my license, my mom and I just shared a car (and my dad would occasionally let me use his;). I had no problem with this. But in 2012 I had been praying for a car for my 16th birthday. No car. 2013 I prayed for a car because well "God, I really need it". No car. 2014 rolled around and college plans started coming into plans for a car..until someone (and not mentioning any names), a family, gave me a car. On 2/11/2014 I got my very own car. Debt free. I don't think I could ever repay that family. Not because of the cost of the car, but because of the value behind the gift. The meaning. God has a perfect time for everything.

He doesn't say no. He either says "Yes" "Not Yet" or "I Have Something Better".

Lily Garay

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