Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm a little surprised. I opened up blogger and wasn't in a "mood". haha. oh Lily. (yes, I just wrote to myself..I actually speak to myself..a lot..and when I'm in public sometimes I forget that other people can hear's awkward...and funny...but mainly just awkward)

so. why am I writing tonight? 9:52pm. on my bed. wishing I was asleep. tbh I was feeling overwhelmed about 15 minutes ago. like super overwhelmed. tbh like half the time I want to quit everything and just watch netflix until I'm motivated. netflix is good. as are donuts. for some reason I've been craving donuts lately. not like actually craving them. just staring at pictures of them. idk why. they're just nice to stare at sometimes. ya feel? comprende?

(Sorry. It's like 9:56 and it's been a long week and I wish I was asleep.) Back to the whole overwhelmed thing. Oh look. Now it's 10:20...that's what happens when you have facebook and you're texting someone and have like 5 tabs open. Okay BACK TO MY POINT.

Overwhelmed. gahhhhh.... You should see my to-do list. It's SO long! And tonight my body is sore. My eyes want to close. I didn't want to do anything on my list. Then I remembered that I don't need to feel overwhelmed. Jesus took that on the cross. So I prayed and I gave it to Him.

Sometimes we need to remember not to take on too much and not take on things because YOU want to do them! Take them on because it's something you believe God wants you to do to benefit HIS kingdom..

and with that I leave you. Because I decided that I'm going to watch some netflix, go to bed, and wake up nice and early tomorrow.


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