Thursday, January 30, 2014

{The Tasks}

"What assignment has God given you? If given the chance would you ask him
I know He has one in mind for all of us because He stated clearly, through the words of the apostle Paul, that we are God's workmanship,
  created in Christ Jesus to do good works, 
which God prepared in advance for us all to do! 

Friends, Don't dodge your assignments because they 
seem to lack any chance for success.
Don't miss your sign because it seems such an insignificant small thing. 
Remember there will always be tasks we are faced
 with that take us out of our comfort zone, big or small. 
Some of them may begin small & stay small, 
While some may grow larger. Some of the larger tasks may
 blossom into major tasks. It is natural for us 
to resist these tasks. Most of us will do more than resist. 
We will argue, dispute, procrastinate, and question, 
but in the end we need to give in, because He is our Lord.
 When you feel Him..hear Him.. & love Him. 
You won't serve Him because you have too. It will just 
be something you can't wait to do for him! 
This will also make you obedient, and come to know
 The Lord better. He will make known to you the path 
of life, He will fill you with His joy and presence, 
with eternal pleasures at His right hand! 
With eagerness and enthusiasm, let's put 
our feet in motion. Let's make it a point to 
serve Him all the days of our life. Let's stay 
awake to his glorious vision forever. If we do 
this, we will stay on a more  passionate pursuit 
for King Jesus and save many others in the process! 
It's time to accept all our assignments on deck, 
Let's continue to work! Have a lovely Thursday!" 
-Nick Whitehead 

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