Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The perfect weekend

when I say perfect, I mean happiest. sure, my weekends are usually filled with fun things, gigs, church, etc. but there was something different this weekend. also, when I say weekend I mean Friday (11/22) through Monday (11/25). 

It was just another average day at school. I try to make my most out of my time in highschool, but I still find it kind of pointless. Fortunately, it wasn't a completely terrible school day and I actually liked it. Probably because it was Friday and didn't involve any real work (except for English class of course). Anywho, I took the bus home and immediately left to go tutor Chan-the-man (his real name is Chandler).

It is an absolute joy to get to go to his house and help him learn some Spanish. Something about it just makes my day. He basically tells it like it is and is so funny! I also catch him trying to write love notes to me on his board because he thinks I'm his girlfriend. It's quite hilarious because whenever we go out he makes me hold his arm. Friday night was just really fun! Then I went to go to worship practice at 6:30. 

I spent Saturday going to the gym, working on music, and using my phone. 

I also spent an hour making this:

                Yes, that is a TeenVogue collage on an old record :) I'm actually kind of proud of myself for being so artsy! 

I created it out of the February 2013 issue.
I'm totally for natural beauty and being yourself and when I read TeenVogue
I feel like I can do whatever I want or be whatever I want.
It also helps me realize that other people's opinions shouldn't bother me and 
I shouldn't focus on what they think about me. What's important is what I think about myself.

Later that evening I went with my brother, Chandler, and his family (our families are friends)
to go see "Delivery Man". I didn't think I would like it, but it was so funny!

This is the day I go to church:) We celebrated Thanksgiving and it was a touching service.
Afterwards I went out with Chandler and his brother, Christian, to go watch Catching Fire.
I honestly didn't think Catching Fire was going to be a good movie.
The story line is actually terrible and I was not looking forward to it.
The whole idea of "Hunger Games"...it's just UGH.
I ended up liking the movie. a lot. 

ahhh Monday. Because of my schedule I didn't have to go in to public school yesterday! YAY!
In the morning I practiced and then went to the gym with my dad and Christian. 
We went to grab a bite to eat, then I had to rush over to go start recording my first full-length album, Hurricane!
Photo: Shall I let you in on a secret? I'm working on one or two..or three projects.

What's made this such a great weekend is that I'm feeling really great about myself and the choices I'm making. I've realized that music is my passion and I've decided to go ALL OUT and give it all I have!
Not only am I working on Hurricane, but I also have a ton of other projects I'm working on! I hope that you'll continue following me on my journey. I know I'm not the best blog writer and that the only kind of writing I'm actually good at are speeches and music/poetry, but it means a lot that you take a few minutes out of your day to keep up with me!


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