Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The hair saga continues

I can't remember if I already blogged about this...but I chopped off my hurr. Okay maybe only like 2 inches, but that's a big deal for me since the last time I got a pro haircut job was over 2 years ago! 

I know you already know I cut my bangs back in September, but in case you didn't see that post or I didn't write about it, here's a pic:

So then about 2 weeks ago I got my hair cut:
(I know I already posted this pic, but it's a good representation).

And today I dyed it!!! In the picture above you can't really tell, but I had a subtle ombré and just wasn't too pretty and I did not like my summer sun highlights anymore. SO here are some before/after pictures:)

And now 

Plain old dark brown. Just the way I like it :) 

Xoxo dolls

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