Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What love really means

The little boy I'm babysitting told me that his big brother gave him this sticker and he's been waiting all day to use it, but he wants to save it and then he said, "this is MY sticker you can't have it" so I said, "nope, it's mine" "no, it's my sticker" "no, it's mine" "you can't have it" "but I want it" "nope" and then he placed it on himself. I giggled and he ran around with his sticker. Later as I was helping his brother with some math he ran up to me and took off his sticker and said, "this is for you. I don't need it anymore." So I said, "Alec......" And I contemplated telling him to keep it because I know how it felt to have a brand new sticker and loving I said, "thank you very much. I love you!" And then he said, "I love you more."  

And that right there is true love<3

P.s. He knows how to use my snapchat without me teaching him and he sent some of my friends a snap today! Hahaha 

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Aunie said...

so... i just checked and i'm following you via bloglovin but your posts don't show up in my feed. can't figure out why!

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