Monday, October 7, 2013

What God has Shown Me in the Past Year - Personal College Essay

Last Sunday I applied to my first college! whoop whoop (more details later;) - Here is the essay I submitted. Let me know what you think!

    Growing up I have had a less than normal life, from being homeschooled to being the daughter of two pastors who travel often in their ministry. I have been fortunate enough to accompany them to various churches and conventions around the nation and its territories. This has given me the opportunity to speak with children and adults about God, life, and helping them realize they can get to that next step. In the past year I have done this more often than I thought I would, but I still question myself as I ask, “God, what is my purpose?”
     After I speak or perform at an event, people approach me and let me know how appreciative they are and how it has opened their mind and has helped them emotionally. When I go and volunteer with children, I get the same response. They all tell me how much they have enjoyed what I have brought them. This of course, has made me feel fulfilled and encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams and talents, but it still does not do what it needs to do for me, what questions it can answer for me about my purpose? At this point in my life I am a senior in highschool and with college rapidly approaching everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they think I  should do with my life. This can get confusing especially since I am only sixteen and still hold the innocence of going after my dream without being stopped.
     I have always believed that there is more to this life than just going to school, or going to work, and living off of whatever you get paid. Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to know what my purpose was and I have constantly asked God to show me the answer, but I did not recognize it until the second to last week of August in 2013 when I was at a conference in Tennessee. For a whole week I was there singing, doing television interviews, and sharing my story with anyone who would listen. One night during the middle of the week I collapsed onto my bed from the fatigue and lack of sleep. It was then I thought about everything I was doing. What was the point of any of it? And that is when I got my answer.
      As I began to contemplate my question through prayer and meditation that night in Tennessee, my perspective on everything that I was doing with my life began to change. This allowed me to “find myself” and my purpose. Honestly, I did not think that I would discover my purpose until later in life, but I feel like over this past year, with guidance from my mentors and parents, I have slowly been able to envision myself in the future and therefore grasp my purpose. You see, I assumed that God would reveal the answer by flashing a lightning bolt or with some mighty, roaring thunder, but that was not the case. He is more subtle than that and it is important to pay closer attention to hear what He has to say.
     When coming to these conclusions, my faith has been the most important part of my life. It has helped me to determine that the purpose of everything I do, the money I make, the conversations I have, it is all to serve the kingdom of God. If I am not using my faith to benefit others, if I am not using the gifts God has given me to bring people hope, then what is the point of anything that I do? Without those things life would be empty and meaningless. The past year has taught me that everyday I need to devote my life to the greater good and in the end, that service to God is what is going to fulfill me.

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