Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blood drive + C6N event

Today was a really good day.

So first I drove to school with my siblings in the car and we heard the radio anouncer make a funny comment so we decided to call in and give our "teen perspective". That was full of laughter and sibling bonding so it was great.

Then I had school and I helped out with a blood drive and I donated blood! First time I had ever had a needle stuck into my body since I've never had any shots or anything drawn. It didn't even hurt!! And I got a pretty pink bandage. 

Then I left school and went to my job's networking event (I'm in charge of ..well a lot...and I handled registration too). 
My grandma(boss lady) standing next to my beautiful table.

With my uncle

All in all it has been a fab day and now I'm ready to sleep! Xoxo

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