Saturday, September 14, 2013

WHAT ARE YOU DOING to achieve your goals/dreams?

So you know that big dream/goal you have in your head? It looks unattainable sometimes. Doesn't it? I want you to write it down. It takes more than just dreaming or wishing about it. You have to dream it, believe it, and do it!

I'm going to quickly share with you some things that have helped me achieve some of my biggest goals & dreams. 

Write down that big goal. After you do that, create short term goals (preferrably with a goal date) that will help you get to your ultimate goal. Remember one of the keys here is to "Write it all down"!!! 

Here's a practical example of a career choice that you can pretty much apply to anything. 

If your dream is to be a nurse.....

first goal - take a class or read a book that will get you started

Second goal: start volunteering/interning with your local hospital or local clinic. (This will help you determine whether or not you actually really want to do it & this is how you'll get that experience many jobs want you to have)

Third goal: find a mentor you can shadow or learn from.

Most people find out I'm 16 they usually just figure I heard this from somewhere and "good luck kid, but sometimes you have to do something (job) you don't want to do to make everyone else happy or to be sure you provide for your family." 

Hahahaahhahaha is this a joke? Of course I heard this from somewhere. The difference is I didn't just hear it. I applied it and you can too. This is the only 09/14/13 you will ever have. What are you doing to make the most of it? 

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