Thursday, September 26, 2013

Too Blessed to be Stressed

To Do:
-get transcript requests ready
-go to PVCC
-go workout (your health is important, Lily!)
-1:45 English Writing Conference with Mrs.Pavlo
-tutor Chandler
-get gas/run any other errands

This is what I write to myself in my notes. I just gave you my to-do list for today. Right now I'm at the office part so you'd think my day is almost over, but it really isn't. While I was at school for my writing conference I realized that I was stressing out. and it was showing. When I got back to my car I sat there for about 10 minutes while playing my Noel Robinson CD and listening to my favorite song "rain". And right there in the school parking lot I started to pray.

You see, I had made my day "so important" that I forgot to pray and read my Bible. When I woke up I said, "Good morning, Lord." and then thought to myself that I'd pray after my shower. Never really got around to it. In that moment in my car I said to God, "I'm doing this wrong. Forgive me for not properly thanking you for today and not devoting my errands to you."

God is up there waiting. He's waiting for you. He isn't going to force you to pray, He isn't going to force you to read the Bible. It's your choice. He wants to bless us, but He can't unless we fully allow Him to.

Ultimately the purpose of everything we do is to glorify God. I want to devote everything I do to Him because if I commit my plans to God, then He will bless me and direct me. So I asked Him to please take control of this day, to slow me down, and now I'm all smiles. I really have no reason to be stressed if everything is in His hands:)


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