Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embrace the mess

Embrace. The. Mess. I want to introduce you to messydirtyhair.com 

I support this blog and back up the authoress, Kelly, 100% - if you look at her twitter bio it says, "I don't sugar coat." - neither do I so we agree on pretty much everything. 

What does "Embrace the Mess" mean to me? It means the ability to embrace who God made you to be. You don't need to always have makeup on or your hair perfectly slick back. You don't need to be 120 pounds (Trust me. It's taken me a while to get over that, but I have and I LOVE myself) and it's okay to have hips. It's okay to not have hips. Embrace who you were naturally created to be. Thanks to Kelly I've learned to embrace myself more and more each day. 

Hope you have a fabulous day! I know I will and I know I'll have a great time at school today explaining to everyone what my shirt means:)

Lily Garay

1 comment:

Aunie said...

love it! happy to see you rockin' that shirt :)

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