Monday, July 8, 2013


*for anonymity, I'll be using different settings and not mention names.

You know what annoys me? Is how everyone always assumes things. Now please don't take this the wrong way by assuming that I think I'm perfect and pretty much never ever assume anything.

There's this..thing...well okay a person, that I've had to deal with for several years now. I thank God for this person because they've made me grow and mature, but I constantly have to baby this person! Now a normal person would have given up, continued being this person's "puppy-dog", or just let it go. I'm kind of in a tough position though because this person works with me and we go to the same job. So I kinda have to put up with it because we work closely.

People always take this person's side though. It's getting annoying. This person always says rude things to me, treats me unfairly, and is just mean. This person always assumes that I want the spotlight all the time and that I have no other goals in life except to beat them. This person tries to get others to assume this too.

But alas, my life does not revolve around this person and my rant is now over.

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Katie said...

that is frustrating! and it's hard to keep doing the right thing but you can do it! :)

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