Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day12: Describe a typical day in your life.

(with school)
6:30 am - Wake up...wondering why I'm awake...
7:30 am - hmmmm....there's still 30 minutes before I have to get on the bus
7:50 am - oh I guess I should put on clothes now?
8:00 am - why is it so cold? Why do I have to walk to the bus?
8:30 am - will this torture ride ever end?
8:45 am - finally at school. oh wait...
10:00 am - when will this period ever end?
12:05 pm - ooh one minute till' lunch
12:45 pm - walking around school talking with friends (study hall)
3:00 pm - will this class ever end?
3:45 pm - UGH does anyone want to give me a ride home?
4:10 pm - I would rather walk home
4:11 pm - what is this horrendous stench
4:30 pm - mom go away
5:00 pm - dinner? highlight of the day
10:30 pm - am I tired?
1:00 am - I should probably go to sleep

(without school)
6:30 am - why am I awake?
8:00 am - woah is it 10? I feel so guilty. oh it's only 8? I can sleep a few more minutes..
10:00 am - agh I feel so guilty!
10:15 am - It's going to be a FABULOUS day
10:16am-10:30pm - doing fabulous things (read

P.S. I'm done with my junior year of highschool!!! yay:)

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Elise Rogers said...

you are so cute!! Love your blog! Im your newest follower!!

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