Wednesday, June 26, 2013


loving: driving. because it's given me so much freedom and this is the first Summer of me having my license which is pretty exciting! friends. because I've recently made new friends and I know they are the real friends I've been looking for. not the fake ones I kept making. now when I say recently I mean we've developed a relationship over the past like 6 months. and i lovvvve it. they've helped me learn who i am:)

watching: Everybody loves Raymond. That show is maaaaaaaad funny. for the past 3 nights my sister and I have been sleeping downstairs to watch it. I've never seen it before this past Sunday!!! 

listening to: music. haha. but really, I've been listening to Clarity & Lost at Sea by Zedd. Also this sweeeet remix by my friend Will Gooding. You'll LOVE it! plus it's a free download:) just hit download>>>

obsessing: that's a secret;)

reading: does the Bible count? The Bible definitely counts. right?

eating: way too much food. specifically Tropical Smoothie. I can't help it. SO GOOD. Especially now that's it's under new management. I've probably been 8 times in the past 2 weeks. #sosad

looking forward to: being a Senior:))) Highschool senior that is. EEP!

p.s. I got this idea for a post from Illy

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