Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pick me up

So I think it was last week
when I told you all about my
lack of inspiration and that
I needed a pick me up.
Well I found it!

I have the best momma in the whole wide universe. She
decided she wanted to 
buy me a dress. It took me
going to about 5 different stores
in one day. I found none. I 
think I wrote that post about
not feeling inspired the very next
day because i was so sad.
i've gained some weight and
so i'm not too sure of my body
type or size and ended
up having to go a couple of 
sizes up for a comfortable fit.

but guess what? I found a dress.
I'm very happy with where
I am right now. Plus seeing myself
in photos really helped:)
I'm learning to love me because
I'm worth it!! And in case you haven't noticed, the theme of the week on my blog is all about loving YOURSELF!!! <3 p="">
Guess what I found out? I feel more confident without makeup. Why don't you try it and let me know how it goes?

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