Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY - Change the World

As I finish my transaction at JCPenney the cashier asks me, "Would you like to donate to our (I don't know the name) charity?". Me out-loud, "Oh well how much is it?", Me thinking, "You know I just bought all this stuff and now they want me to donate money to their charity? Gosh I mean what do these people think? I'm a millionaire or something?" The cashier then replies, "Only .17 cents." "Oh well sure! I can totally afford that." And then I walk away with my purchases feeling like the All-American-Hero because I've donated .17 cents.

I've just described a scene that millions of Americans encounter all the time. That includes me. You know what I'm talking about. Now there's nothing wrong with this, but do you really feel satisfied about helping other people around you? I'm not saying you have to donate all your money! Or any money at all. I'm not even talking about changing the whole world people! So what is it that I'm talking about exactly?
I've found that true satisfaction of helping people comes when I get "down and dirty". Okay so maybe you don't actually have to get down (what does that even mean?) or dirty. But how is it that we can change the world? 
Simply this, go to the boys & girls club and volunteer. Go to your local elementary school and help them plant a tree (okay so this actually requires getting a little dirty). Go to your local trailer park (don't go alone) and give out toys, give out food. Put on a clown show. Hey, have a face-painting party!

What I'm trying to say is that as great as it is to sponsor a child in another country, don't forget you have a community that you're a part of. I'm not telling you that you to stop sending money to orphans because in the Bible it does say to care for the orphans, but have you actually looked to see the poverty where you live? Maybe you have to travel 15 minutes to really see poverty. I guarantee you that it's there. You can change the world by changing your community and by doing much more than only giving your money. Plus you'll be healthier, happier, more satisfied, changed, and active.
Those benefits are pretty awesome!

So go out and do something. Don't just sit there. Change the world:)


Janette said...

A great post Lily!! And hey.. $.17 is more than many people give I'm sure!



Janette Lane Blog

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

My office does a monthly volunteer project, and I'm definitely planning on being part of May's. Thanks for the reminder - helping people and acts of kindness bring such pure joy that cannot be matched!

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