Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Outfit

I try to do fashion posts on this blog, but it's rare that someone in my family will actually take a picture for me...and i never feel like taking all that time to set up my tripod...but today I have a picture for you!!! One single photo of my amazing outfit.
necklace: charlotte russe  blazer: thrifted  pants: kohl's  purse: jessica simpson  shirt: mark  shoes: mossimo

hot. i know. 
please excuse my sister's messy room.
and my hair. 
which my mom later commented, "don't you put any gel in it to calm your frizz?"
thanks mom. thanks.

But i've been trying to do more with my outfits. 
i really believe i've come a loooong way!

seriousy. i have. going to public school sparked something in me
to actually care about how i looked. 
it's a dog eat dog world out there and unfortunately
how your dressed determines who you hang out with.
i mean it can be a good thing. but usually it's not.


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