Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Secret Dream to Become a Model

Don't lie. I know you want to be a model too! 
I don't know. Maybe you do, maybe you don't.
But secretly I've always wanted to try.
There just seems to be something "glamourous"
about it. 

(see this is me trying to model. I'm obviously awesome.
minus my dog...ehem)

I seriously think I could make it out there
in the real world.
I mean I know I can!

With your help that it:)

I'm trying to become E.L.F. Cosmetics Teen Face of 2013.
If I win I'll get a trip to NYC for a photoshoot,
a lifetime supply of makeup from ELF (that's awesome),
and the chance to inspire other young girls like me.

I took some inspiration from Mrs.A to the S (check out 3:53)
I really truly believe I can win.
but I need your help!

you can vote for me here: VOTE FOR LILY
Lily's photo

And you can vote for my girl Chloe here: VOTE FOR CHLOE
Chloe's photo

(don't worry, we're in different categories so it's cool to vote for the both of us;)



Jessica Jane said...

I haven't been around much but wanted to let you know that you look great and I'm glad you stuck to your goals!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

You are the biggest sweetheart! Thank you gorgeous! And you my dear, could make it! You are far more beautiful then most women I see out there! =)

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