Sunday, March 10, 2013

and the power is back

on March 6 at 6am our power cut off because of a snow storm in VA.
We thought we'd have it back later that day. but no. we had to wait until yesterday afternoon.
4 days. without internet. without heat. without...power...

but really...what are we saying? that because we don't have electricity we don't have power? it sure does seem like it. but as i slept in the shivering, cold night, i thought about how blessed i am to have my family, a home, my own bed, blankets, running water (though frigid), food, and a car (so we could go to panera to use internet). really, we weren't powerless, we were just...electricitless ;)

and so what did I do? Clean out the pantry/closet of supplies ;) like a boss

1 comment:

Katie said...

that is such a long time! i'm so glad you have power again! it is a good reminder of how lucky we are every day!

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